So... it's like not okay to use the same brush to clean the bathtub and sink that you use to clean the toilet, right? When I moved in with my roommates, I bought all of the bathroom cleaning supplies and bought two brushes, one for the toilet and one for the sink. My roommate cleaned the bathroom, and I really can't complain because I was annoyed that I'm the only one who ever cleans it (really, in the 8 months I've been living here there's only been one other time someone else cleaned it, and this was that time), but he used the toilet brush for the bathtub and sink and the tub/sink brush for the toilet. I thought it was clear which was which, because the toilet brush stands up in that little plastic holder. I don't know, maybe it's just me who thinks that. So, honest mistake. But when I brought up that in the future let's try to keep the brushes separate, no one understood why I was so grossed out. I mean, I spray each brush with bleach when I'm done cleaning, but still. The toilet brush cleans the toilet. Where poop goes. I don't want to mix these two up.

I'm admittedly a huge clean freak but I try to keep little things to myself (like, I live with four guys and I think the toilet seat should be down no matter what, because it should be put down before you flush so toilet germs don't fly out and get all over everything - really, I'm a freak). But I was just so grossed out. And they don't get it. I went out and bought new brushes and wrote "bathtub/sink brush" and "toilet brush" in sharpie on the handles. Do other people use separate brushes too, or am I alone in this?


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